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Privacy notice
SACAMO TECHNOLOGIES SAPI DE CV. BAJATUSEGURO, AGENTE DE SEGUROS S.A DE C.V AND BTS SERVICIO INTERNACIONAL S.A. DE C.V. commercially known as bajatuseguro located at Paseo de los Tamarindos 400 A 21st floor col. Bosques de las Lomas ZC 05120 delegacion Cuajimalpa in Mexico City, Mexico website https://www.bajatuseguro.com , is responsible of gathering your personal data, the use they will give to it, and its protection. In this regard we let you know:

To which end will we use your personal data?

The personal data we gather from you, will be used to the means we deem necessary to provide you with the service you request from us (primary means):
  • Policyholder identification
  • To fulfill the duties we have to you regarding the service contract both parties signed
  • To serve as an intermediary to sign up the insurance policies you are interested in
  • To provide you as your intermediary with the quotes, services and products you have requested and acquired.
  • To assess your insurance application and risk factor
  • To deal with all claims you can file to pay for an incident, control, keep and renew your insurance policy.
  • To prevent fraudulent and illegal operations
Furthermore, we will use your personal data for the secondary ends that are not necessary to provide you with the service requested from us, but that allow us to give you a better service:
  • Let you know about new products and services related with the ones you already have
  • Let you know about any change; perform studies and programs necessary to determine your consuming habits
  • Perform programmed evaluations of our products and service in order to improve their quality
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Commercial prospection
In case you do not want your personal data to be used to these secondary ends, please let us know about it through an email at contacto@bajatuseguro.com stating:

I do not permit my personal data to be used to the following ends:

let you know about new products and services related with the ones you already have
let you know about any change; perform studies and programs necessary to determine your consuming habits
perform programmed evaluations of our products and service in order to improve their quality
marketing and advertising
commercial prospection
Your denial to the use of your personal data to these ends does not mean that we can deny provide you with the service and products you request or acquire from us.

Which data will be used to these ends?

In order to accomplish the ends above described, we will use your personal data for:
  • Id purposes
  • Contact purposes
  • Physical recognition purposes
In addition to the personal data mentioned above, to accomplish the ends already informed in this privacy notice we will use sensitive personal data that require your consent and special protection.
  • Physical condition current and future
  • Financial and / or patrimonial information
Who will we share your personal data with and to which ends?

The policyholder’s personal information cannot be traded with third parties. However, we are authorized to share it in instances such as:
  • Such information is shared with third parties in order to fulfill and comply with the duties, services or deals we have signed with you
  • In case the law or authority demands it, for law enforcement issues.
  • When the owner of the information has given full consent to share it.
Be certain that your personal data is shared within the country with companies related with the insurance sector, specially Insurance Companies,Financial Institutions and the service providers that collaborate with Bajatuseguro.com to get the quote you need before acquiring an insurance policy minding your request.

How can you access,verify or cancel your personal data or deny its use?

You are entitled to know which personal data we possess about you, how we use it and under which circumstances it is used(Access). Likewise, you are entitled to ask for the correction of your personal data in case it is outdated or wrong or incomplete (Verification); that we delete it from database or files in case you consider we are not using it correctly (Cancellation); as well as opposing the use of your personal data for any specific ends (Opposition). These rights are known as AVCO rights.

Mechanism to use the AVCO rights and to revoke them

The mechanism implemented by the authority to exercise these rights, requires that you contact our Personal Data Protection Department located at Tamarindos Ave. 400 A Tower 21st floor Mexico City 05120 or call 01(55)80003597 or send an email to contacto@bajatuseguro.com, whose reception must be verified by phone to acknowledge we received it and will answer it, as required by law, the procedure is as follows:
  • Delivery of written request to the above mentioned address, or send it via email. Such request must state and be accompanied by:
    • Policyholder’s name and address, email address or any other means of communication to answer his request
    • Official id or id to confirm his identity
    • Clear and precise description of the information he requests access,verification,cancellation or opposition, depending on the situation
    • In case of verification requests, include the corresponding documents upholding such request
    • Any other document or element that can help finding the personal data
  • People at the Personal Data Protection Department responsible of fulfilling data protection policies, will respond to your request no later than 20 days and if the request is approved according with the law, the change will take place within 15 days after the response is given to you.
  • Regarding Access requests, it will be provided by any sort of means, physical or electronic, after confirming the identity of the applicant or his legal representative, depending on the situation, and the original documents for comparison.
  • Data delivery is free of charge, the policyholder only has to pay for copies or any other such expense.
Likewise, through this mechanism, you are entitled to revoke at any moment, the consent you gave us to use your personal data or you can also set limits to its use according with the notice you were given or deny its use for secondary ends.

However, it is important that you know that we won’t be able to fulfill your request immediately in all cases , since it is possible that an authority requests that we keep your personal data. Likewise, you must be aware that to certain ends, revoking your consent will mean that we won’t be allowed to provide the service you requested or it will terminate the relationship between both parties.

In case you do not wish to receive promotions from us, you can let us know via our email: contacto@bajatuseguro.com If you want to obtain the form to exercise your AVCO rights, you can request it at: contacto@bajatuseguro.com

The person in charge of the Personal Data Protection Department, who is responsible for dealing with the requests regarding the AVCO rights and who can let you know about the procedure to revoke them is:
  • Personal Data Protection Department manager Jose Escarcega Castañeda
  • Address: Tamarindos Ave. 400 A Tower 21st floor , Mexico City 05120
  • Email: contacto@bajatuseguro.com
  • Phone: 01(55) 80002597
How can I limit the use and sharing of my personal data?

In order that you set limits to the use and sharing of your personal data, we offer you the following means: email: contacto@bajatuseguro.com

The use of tracking technologies in our website.

Be aware that our website www.bajatuseguro.com uses cookies, web beacons and other type of technology which allow us to monitor your behavior as internet user and to provide you with a better experience when visiting our website.

Cookies is a data file stored in the user’s hard drive when surfing a specific website, its function is to exchange status information between the website and the user’s browser. The status information exchange can provide means of identification of session,authentication or user’s preferences as well as any datum stored by such browser in regard with the website. Next time you surf our website, we will use the information stored in the cookie to ease up your surfing our website. Most cookies expire after a specific time frame. or you can eliminate them whenever you wish, following your browser’s instructions. Likewise, you can tell your browser to let you know when you will receive a cookie in order to accept it or reject it, following your browser’s instructions.

The personal data gathered by us through this technology, will be used to:
  • Dealings as intermediary when acquiring an insurance policy you are interested in
  • Policyholder identification
  • Provide you with quotes and services as intermediary
The personal data we gather by means of this technology is:
  • Id data, user name
  • Language preference
  • Location
  • Browser
  • Operating System
  • Date and time of start and end of session of a user
  • Website surfing history
  • Searches made by the user
  • Type of advertising checked by the user
  • Lists and purchasing habits at online stores
  • Contact data
  • Financial data
  • Physical status current or past
How can I know about changes made to this Privacy Notice?

This Privacy Notice can be changed,modified or updated due to legal requirements; our own needs regarding our products and services; our privacy practices; changes in the way we do business or any other reason. We promise to keep you informed about any change this Privacy Notice may suffer through: https://www.bajatuseguro.com/mx/Aviso

The procedure through which any news regarding changes or updates to this Privacy Notice is at: https://www.bajatuseguro.com/mx/Aviso

Your consent to deal with your personal data

If you are not notified directly about this privacy notice, you have 5 working days to let us know about your deny to use and share your data to the secondary means above mentioned through the means of communication we previously mentioned. The policyholder gives his consent to use his personal data as indicated in this Privacy Notice if he does not indicate his opposition to such terms previously stated. If you require additional information please write an email at: contacto@bajatuseguro.com